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What we do

StartUp is dedicated to helping Start-Ups select, acquire, design, build and configure their basic Online Digital Infrastructure. StartUp will help you initiate your online digital footprint.  All the channels a new business needs to communicate with the outside world. This includes domain name, website, email, cloud storage, video conferencing and social media among others. We are a consulting firm and will guide the entrepreneur in selecting the services that best fit their needs.

We help create and establish a backbone for your business collecting information (SQL Server based) for analysis, thus making your decision based on actual data.  We can help reengineer your current work flow and processes to accommodate growth and help you prepare for growth.  This includes setting up your database, in a virtual or on premise machine (depending on your needs and budget), design and configure data input, security and authorization flow of information.

What do we define as a Basic Online Digital Infrastructure? We define BODI as any and all services that contribute to creating a digital footprint and all elements helpful in operating your business online.  We leverage online technology to improve business results, impact business image, extend business reach to target market, collect information and prepare for growth.


Select your package!

We have a solution for everyone.  Any beginning stage has its challenges, we try to accommodate the essential components to help you takeoff and serve a building block for your business.

The basic setup in all you need to start with your online digital footprint.  This includes a domain name (xxxxxx.com or .xxx),  corporate email (yourname@xxxx.comemail hosting, and select the appropriate social media network.

With this setup you are on your way to getting your business known to the world.

If you want to go a bit further with your basic online digital footprint, we include BASIC features and add a CRM to keep track of your clients and start forming your database, add Cloud Storage for backup or share media/documents and also Video Conferencing to keep in touch with them.


This is the complete package.  With all the features included you virtually run your business from anywhere.

We include Step Up features and add a  simple website and hosting, which will help you reach even more potential customers.

An exhausting investigation of your current processes and information flow. Finding ways to improve, duplicate tasks, and applying best practices.

This is done via interviews of all employees.  The results will tell us if your employees know their assigned tasks, have all the tools they need to comply and if they have any obsticles/suggestions that may contribute to their improved performance

Creation and configuration one a database to collect and prepare all information for analysis.

This will allow us to know our business, make data based decisions for improvement, detect any opportunities, and create structured (homogeneous) data entry, to a central location, thereby getting rid of silos.

Who we work with

Restrictions: Domain names are free the first year if value is less than $20 dls and limited to one per customer. All suggested service and features are subject to selected vendor offerings and policies.  The Website design is limited to a single page with logo, description and contact sections, additional features will carry additional fees.